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Aug 30

WeWork Summer Camp - Actively Resting

When I joined WeWork last year, I had no idea how much of an impact it would have on me and my startup.

A few weeks ago, WeWork - came through for me by giving me something I didn’t know I needed: REST.

Even though the weekend as jam packed with fun activities, I was surprised at how much my body needed the chance to get away from breathing subway fumes, staring at my monitor and eating on the run.  It took a six hour bus ride and absolutely NO cell phone reception for me to put my brain in cruise control and kick back with new friends.  

Startups drain you. Mentally, physically, emotionally - they can suck the life out of you. I know of a lot of friends that complain of acne breaks out, lack of sleep and caffeine shakes.  Startups aren’t quick sprints - they’re marathons - back to back marathons.  So being deliberate about rest is important in order to sustain the endurance required to keep running.

Here’s what actively resting looked like for me at Summer Camp. In one weekend, I :

  • Wiped out 3 times on a wakeboard before finally cruising around the most gorgeous lake.
  • Beat my friends Ellen and Daewoon at a killer game of badminton.  I was sweating.   Badminton is serious.
  • Was reminded how much I like shooting hoops, despite the fact that I suck at basketball.
  • Ate an obscene amount of food.  It was like I had been starving myself for an entire year of doing my startup in New York.  Hotdog, burger, corn, potato salad, potato chips, chicken ceasar salad, two brownies.  Washed down with some Coors Lite.  All in ma belly.  
  • Witnessed a pie eating contest.  It was so gross I couldn’t stop watching.

  • Made a marsh-mellow cookie dessert over the campfire.  My new friend Peter said it was delicious.

  • Learned what F1 racing is.  It’s crazy.
  • Met someone that worked at Disney Land as Jasmine and Pocahontas.  It was always my dream to be Mulan in the Disney Parade.
  • Saw a snake eat a frog.  The frog handled it very well.
  • Slept like a rock.
  • Stand up paddle boarded. (questionable grammar, I know)
  • Learned why the different sides of a boat are called port and starboard.

WeWork sees the value in getting people to close their laptops and showing them a really great time.  I was skeptical at first, but I tip my hat to the organizers.  Great job and I’m sure next year will be even bigger and better.  

Thanks WeWork, for helping me actively rest.